The Enduring Mystery of the Deadliest Crash in Decades

The New York Magazine article titled "The Enduring Mystery of the Deadliest Crash in Decades" showcased Attorney Lee Kindlon's involvement.

In a court hearing held last August in a courthouse upstate, the progress of a high-profile case involving a runaway stretch limousine was expected to reach its conclusion. Nauman Hussain, a 33-year-old professional paintballer and owner of a limousine company, had previously admitted guilty to criminally negligent homicide. This admission was in connection to a tragic incident that occurred on October 6, 2018, in Schoharie, New York, where a Ford Excursion owned by his family, equipped with faulty brakes, lost control on a steep rural road and resulted in the loss of 20 lives. Despite the direct connection between the deaths and the hazardous vehicle, Hussain's guilty plea did not entail any prison sentence, leading to widespread outrage among many residents of upstate New York.

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