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Attempting to specifically classify white collar crimes can be a challenging task, simply because there are so many distinct categories. In general, however, this term is used to broadly characterize offenses involving monetary transactions and financial operations in business, where some form of misrepresentation, corruption, or theft has taken place.

Because these charges tend to involve large amounts of money, or a wide scale of pervasiveness in multiple locations, investigators and prosecutors are especially eager to win in these cases, which end up being very lucrative on their end.

This misplaced zeal makes it more critical than ever for anyone who has been charged with a white collar crime to reach out to our dedicated team at The Kindlon Law Firm, PLLC. It is crucial that you have our determined Albany white collar crime attorneys ready to advocate for you immediately.

Contact us now here or at (518) 444-4428 so that you can benefit from a free consultation on powerful strategies to dismiss white collar crime charges.

Aggressive Defense Against White Collar Crime Accusations

Whenever it comes to battling white collar crimes, it is important that you receive knowledgeable representation targeted at finding the most aggressive solutions for defeating your specific charge. You can count on our team of criminal defense lawyers to utilize the entire arsenal they have at hand, based on an accumulation of over 100 years of collective experience.

Our Albany white collar crime lawyers go above and beyond to advocate for our clients, comprehensively dealing with a host of charges such as those involving:

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - having to do with bribing foreign government officials to fulfil your business, financial, or other desires
  • Bank fraud - to illegally process finances or bank documentation
  • RICO/racketeering - to illegally obtain business information, ownership, or control
  • Securities fraud (also called stock fraud or investment fraud) - deceptively coaxing investors into unprofitable investments
  • Identity theft - stealing another person's identity to processes documents, finances, and more in their name
  • Mortgage fraud - to inflate an appraisal, to claim false income assets, or to falsely represent oneself as a borrower
  • Real estate fraud - fraudulently collecting a sale, rental payment, financing, or other act using a real estate transaction
  • Money laundering - to secretly process large amounts of currency, covered by normal business transactions
  • Health care, Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance fraud - to illegally process inaccurate information regarding health care or insurance accounts
  • Embezzlement - employees stealing from their employers
  • Forgery - to illegally copy or produce false information
  • Tax evasion - to underpay or refuse to pay taxes
  • Internet crimes - illegal activity on the internet, including fraud, forgery, blackmail, etc.
  • Credit card fraud - stealing another person's credit card information to make purchases in their name
  • Tax fraud - to present inaccurate tax information for the purpose of a financial profit or to conceal illegal activity
  • Conspiracy - premeditating and planning a criminal act with one or more other parties to commit in the future
  • Mail fraud - utilizing the mail system to send fraudulent information
  • Wire fraud - electronically transmitting fraudulent information

What are the Penalties for White Collar Crimes in New York?

Even though white collar crimes do not involve direct physical violence, these offenses that usually take place in professional locations or business settings are still highly penalized. If a person has been convicted of a white collar crime, they are instantly embroiled in negative publicity and scandalized by the media. Following the prosecution, they could face damages that last a lifetime, which range from extreme fines to extensive sentences in prison, probation to the forfeiture of professional licenses.

Because we keenly understand how severe the short-term and long-term consequences would be if clients were convicted, usually for minor mistakes or misunderstandings, you can count on our team to labor diligently throughout the whole process. We endeavor to seek the most beneficial outcome to your situation, whether that means having the charges completely dismissed or determining a proper plea bargain.

Act Now to Protect Your Rights and Reputation

It is important to remember that from the moment you are being investigated for a white collar crime, you should never talk to any law enforcement official, prosecutor, witness, or anyone else unless your dedicated Albany white collar crime lawyers are by your side. You can count on us to firmly stand up for your rights and reputation, fighting for your benefit no matter what it takes.

Arrested for a white collar crime? Call us today at (518) 444-4428 or contact us online for a robust defense. The Kindlon Law Firm, PLLC is here to defend your future.

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